Central Oregon Basketball

Welcome to - the new Central Oregon Adult Basketball Program

As you can see with the TABS (above) we will be running 3 adult programs: 5-on-5 Tournaments, Leagues (year around) and our 60 Minute Hoops program (300 days per year). To join- simply text us at (503) 380-4539 to get on our database, as all our notices (about our 3 programs and the 300 days of '60 Minute Hoops') will be done via text.


Who is running this new Central Oregon adult basketball program?

Central Oregon Hotshots final game- played at Redmond Convention Center's Hooker Arena
Central Oregon Hotshots Cliff White squaring up against Josh Jackson of the Vancouver Volcanoes

Peaceful & Recreational Athletics Inc. owner Mikal Duilio has been doing adult basketball for 24 years in Portland. Duilio owns/runs www.PortlandBasketball.com; this league runs 50 weeks per year.

Mikal Duilio and wife Ashlie have ties to Central Oregon with in-laws in Madras and friends in Bend. Mikal Duilio and family moved to Bend in July of 2016 and we live near Harmon Park. Separate from the adult basketball league called PortlandBasketball.com- Mikal Duilio also ran (2005-2011) the International Basketball League. The IBL was a minor professional basketball league with teams from New York- to Michigan- to California- 16 states total and even Japan and China played a few seasons; this league featured high scoring due to a unique rule in which teams only got 1 timeout per half. The IBL developed players for overseas play- in fact, in 2007 alone- 102 players went from the IBL to play overseas basketball. 25 ex-NBA players played in the International Basketball League.

During the 6 years of IBL action, Peaceful & Recreational Athletics Inc. and Mikal Duilio had a team in the IBL- the Central Oregon Hotshots; the Central Oregon Hotshots played at various high schools (pictured right) (also pictured is a separate game played in our final year- at the Redmond Convention Center's Hooker Arena). The Hotshots and the IBL could not survive past 6 years- but for those that- remember- these were some exciting games in Central Oregon.

We are here now to bring you a consistent, year around adult basketball recreational program. Take a look at each tab to review our products

from the Portland league- team Rip City playing at the Moda Center
from the Portland league-two teams playing at Beaverton Hoop facility

Next DATE: SUN DEC 30 (5-on-5 adult basketball tournament) (1 day tourney)

TOURNAMENT #5 - Bend Real Estate Champions
TOURNAMENT #4 - NW Elite Champions
TOURNAMENT #3 - Eastern Oregon August 27th Champions
TOURNAMENT #2- Vancouver NW Elite July 23rd Champions
TOURNAMENT #1 - Bend Stackers June 11th Champions

Who: Adult basketball players welcome to join. Teams ($210) & Individual Players can play ($30/player)

What: Adult basketball 5-on-5 tournament where your team will play 4 games minimum (5 games maximum).

When: games start at 2:30pm; entire tournament will be done by 8pm-sh. Dec 30 is a great night to play- as no one has plans on that night (the next day is Dec 31st)

Where: Bend Hoops 1307 NE 1st Street Bend

Why: Efficient (1 day) but a full tournament feel

Format of this 4 team event: you will play each team 1 time (3 games) followed by a seeded tournament; all 4 teams make tournament (seed1 v seed4, seed2 v seed3 then the championship). See schedule bottom of page.

This Tournament will get 4 teams for sure (we will not cancel this tournament). We only allow 4 teams (and the tourney always fills at 4 teams). Qs- 503-380-4539

All-Tournament Team from June 10/11:

G- Mario Mora (Bend)

PF- Adolpho Pearales (California)

C- Adam Stecher (Bend)

F- Steve Reed (Vancouver)

PG- Landon Riggins (Portland)

All Tournament team from July 22/23:

G- Steve Reed (Vancouver)

F- Josh Yundt (Hillsboro)

F- Cole Younger (Bend)

F- Joe Nichols (Bend)

C- Jason Fontes (Troutdale)

All Tournament team from Aug 26/27:

C- Jason Mumm (Bend)

PG- Zach Saylors (Bend)

G- Jordan Hill (Bend)

F- Adam Stecher (Bend)

C- Joey Apodaca (Bend)

All Tournament team from Oct 7/8:

G- Dusty Moore (Portland)

C- Jason Fontes (Troutdale)

F- Paul Hafford (Vancouver)

PF- Cole Youngers (Bend)

PG- Bradley Laubacher (Bend)

Schedule for Sun Dec 30th (32 minute games)

2:35pm    Vancouver vs Portland

3:10pm    Bend Cyclones vs Bend Hotshots

3:45pm    Bend Cyclones vs Vancouver

4:20pm    Portland vs Bend Hotshots

4:55pm    Vancouver vs Bend Hotshots

5:30pm    Bend Cyclones vs Portland

6:15pm    TOURNEY- Seed 1 vs Seed 4

6:50pm    TOURNEY- Seed 2 vs Seed 3

7:35pm    Championship (22 min game)


Bend Cyclones are: Joey Apodaca, Kaya Crump, Cole Macinnis

Josh Barnett, Jed St Pierre, Nic Jones, Taylor Giacomme, JT Evans



Portland is: MDuilio, EzDuilio, JDuilio, JacDuilio, Daniel Butler

Cameron Kadleck, Bron Wickum, Andy Leonard



Bend Hotshots are: Gary Muzzy, Rowan Anderegg, Travis Duncan,

Eric Robinson, Joe Nichols, James Wilson and Izak Brumbach.



Vancouver is: Richard Kovalanko, A Kovalenko, B Kovalenko,

Austin Lafountain, Kody Christopher, Matt Fiskum, Bret Pinkley.


Go to www.BendHoops.com for schedules (new- we are directing everyone to that page for adult games)

Text - to ask about the next 60 Minute Hoop option (5033804539)

60 MINUTE HOOPS $6 GAMESoffered 300 days per year in Bend

When I think of an open gym, I picture spending 2 hours of time to get a very uneven workout. So we created 60 Minute Hoops. How does 60 Minute Hoops work?

1. Mikal Duilio will text every player on our player list (298 players as of May 5th, 2019)

2. Players text back to hold a spot in games; each game is limited to 12 players- players are divided into 2 teams by the supervisor and given uniforms (cost $6 per game)

3. The game tips on time with a jump ball (call your own)- we keep score. We play two halves of 26 minutes each (if the game accidentally has 14 players, we run 30 minute halves). We even have black vs white as the jerseys (if you do not have a black and white jersey option, you can buy one from us- for only $10) (restated- if this is your first ever game- pay the $6 and $10 for a total of $16 to start in this program)

4. There is only 1 substitute per team, so in each half, each player will sit out 1 time (4 minutes)

Rules: 1) you can dribble a lot- and you can shoot a lot- but if you do BOTH you will be asked to not play- bc players who dribble all around the court- then proceed to shoot the ball as well (on same posession) because that type of player ruins the flow for everyone else 2) no anger allowed in this program (you must be peaceful & must be recreational to play in the 60 Minute Hoops program), no bragging, no putting other players down, no smack talking (this is a private program- that stuff is okay in other games but not in this 60MinuteHoop game) 3) if you are beat on a play, you need to let the player go (fouls from behind are considered unethical in a 'call your own' program such as this, so if you are beat- just let the player go); also hard fouls and wild reaches are unacceptable in this program 4) zone defense is not allowed (this is about getting a strong workout, it is not about winning (to make the point that this is not about winning, even with 30 seconds to go and game tied, the clock never stops- even if the ball is out of bounds).

Location: all games are at Bend Hoops- 1307 NE 1st

Refunds- if you cancel: Once you commit, you owe the amount of money for this spot, but if you give more than 4 hours notice (or more) you get your money back.

What if we do not have enough players? if we have 8 players, we charge in full and we run 4on4, while not ideal- everyone goes home with a huge workout and a ton of points! That said, if we have 7 or 6 players, we run a modified 3-on-3 game but only charge you HALF price ($3)- the modified game is still 52 minutes but we play one quarter as half court- then one quarter as full court and then the third quarter back to half court and we finish the 4th quarter as full court.  This ends up being a great workout- and lots of points.... (if we have 5 or less, we try to notify you- and of course, we do not charge you for 5 or less).

Take a trip to Portland- on a Sat/Sun to play 3 City League games & enjoy a Trail Blazers game

Choose from either or both of these trips: Sat Oct 20th (Blazers vs Spurs) and separate trip- Sat Dec 8th (Blazers vs Timberwolves) 

How it works: text 5033804539 if you want to play on our 'Bend Travel Team' ($44 for our coordination & the 3 city league games)

Transportation/hotel: players will arrange your own transportation & overnight arrangements to get to Portland & back

Carpool: most people going are doing so-with spouce/family or buddy- so you are on your own getting there and back

Intinerary- this is our EXACT schedule

Saturday 4pm   Meet at Columbia Christian School 9100 East Burnside Portland (play one city LEAGUE GAME)

Saturday 6pm   Meet at Dr Jacks bar/grill (right outside the main entrance of Moda Center) - pregame food/drinks

Saturday 7pm   Blazer Game (you will buy your own tickets for this*- see bottom of this page)

Sunday Morning   Everyone is on their  own- check out of hotel- shop- enoy Portland- eat at various spots

Sunday  1:25pm   Meet at Columbia Christian School 9100 East Burnside Portland (play our 2nd city LEAGUE GAME)

Sunday  2:25pm   We now play our 3rd city LEAGUE GAME & head home (this gym is exactly 3 hours from Bend)

* Purchase your Blazer tickets from Andrew Kastenbaum at email- andrew.kastenbaum@rosequarter.com As a preview of how this will go, Andrew will most likely email you an exact price sheet- www.nba.com/blazers/groupstickets of which you will buy your tickets from that link (these are about 20% to 30% better than if you purchased them without this avenue). Our group will not all sit together in the game as we all have different tastes/budgets for tickets- but we will hang out before/after the game to some extent. A really fun/scenic place for after the game (optional drinks- optional food) is Portland City Grill (overlooks the City- really makes your trip fun). Andrew Kastenbaum phone is 5039633956










Legal Guarding position (1 min)

Legal defensive position is that you are square (in front of) opponent prior to their final step of the move/shot. After the 'moment' of being in front and in 'legal guarding position'- you can be moving backward and/or jumping up and contact should be legal, as seen in this video; in fact, if you are in front and displaced, it can be a charge call.

Incidental contact (21 sec)

This play could have been a no-call as the contact seems very incidental ('incidental' meaning- the contact did not create an unfair advantage for the person being contacted). This video seems to show a defender flopping, not a defender displaced by contact and therefore this could just as easily be a 'no-call' from the referee as the contact was incidental.

Incidental contact (26sec) example 2

Defense gets to position prior to final step of offensive player- thus, the contact is going to be a no call or an offensive foul (offensive foul if the offensive player then displaces/dislodges the defender).

No Call - On a Shot (40 sec)

This is a no-call because the defense is there. Restated - contact is legal if the defense is there first.

No Call - On a Shot (1 min) example 2

This could be a no-call as the contact is not creating a disadvantage and trained referees know that a foul requires three things: 1) illegal position with 2) contact and 3) a disadvantage created and as the ball goes in pretty easily in this video, it kind of makes the argument that there was not really a disadvantage created.

Block/Charge? (36 sec)

Defense gets to position prior to final step of offensive player- thus, the contact is going to be a no call or an offensive foul (offensive foul if the offensive player then displaces/dislodges the defender).

Block/Charge? (1 min) example 2

This looks like a good call (a defensive foul). Plus if you think about it- a defender really should be 'defending'- not setting up for flops. A defender is a player trying to legally impede an offensive player from scoring- but the guy in the video is not trying to prevent scoring as much as he is trying to 'work the referees'.

Various Examples of Foul Calls (6 minutes)

PortlandBasketball.Com encourages players and referees to watch this video. There are 10 explanations of fouls vs 'no calls' vs charges in this training video.

Law of Verticality (1 minute)

If defender gets "in front of" an offensive player prior to that offensive player's final step of his move/shot, than that defender is entitled to (law of verticality) to the space behind him and 'to the ceiling'; in other words the defender can jump straight up (but- proof of jumping straight up- is that defender landed close to the same spot on floor when coming down). Important- for safety- to understand this concept of jumping straight up as opposed to jumping outward.

Law of Verticality (6 minutes) explanation

All players in PortlandBasketball.com, for safety reasons, need to watch this video explanation of the law of verticality and how it relates to safety- thank you.

2016 Verticality Rule

2016 Definition of a Foul &/or a No-Call