Vancouver teams & individuals -you can play your games in Vancouver

Simply let us know you are a Vancouver team when you register. Vancouver teams can play against Portland teams who come over to you (pretty cool in that Portland teams will come to you to bring you variety and to bring you parity... parity- meaning- close evenly matched games). Joning a Vancouver-only league (not us) means you will run out of variety & parity about halfway through your season but joining our Portland league with 250 teams meaning you can play year around and constantly get variety- constantly get good games... but yet- you can play in Vancouver. Specifically, lets discuss which days we play in Vancouver:

Mondays- out of the 48 Sundays per year that runs games, we play in Vancouver 32 Mondays

Wednesdays- out of the 48 Wednesdays per year that runs games, we play in Vancouver 40 Wednesdays

Sundays- out of the 48 Sundays per year that runs games, we play in Vancouver 18 Sundays

Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays- we play 0 times in Vancouver but we do have a lot of teams from Vancouver that choose those 4 days and we simply put those Vancouver teams- in the 'closest' gym to Vancouver so it works out fine if you have to choose any of those 4 days to play.

If you are an INDIVIDUAL PLAYERfrom Vancouver, we have a program for you. The program is called Pick-to-Play whereby you (and a friend or two) can sign up individually to play on a team. Cost of this program is $8 per game. See blue button below; you are only committing to pay for 1-game at a time with PicktoPlay. We even have a night where PicktoPlay plays in Vancouver (Wednesdays) but it is common for Vancouver individual players to play in Portland on the other 6 days because the gyms we use such as Hillside Community Center is only 9 miles from the I5 bridge... and Columbia Christian School is only 11 miles from the I205 bridge.


Check out the Pick to Play page for more info!